From Heaven

From Heaven

“I love Brisbane, I love living here. For me, it’s one of the best places to live in the world… it’s something that I thought when I was a child, only 10 years old, and I came here for the first time in my life. But when I saw Brisbane from the 70th floor at the tallest tower in Brisbane (Meriton), I fell in love again with this city. From the sky everything is so different and amazing!

This is a personal project. I decided one day to stay at the Meriton, to feel the height, to feel how it is living in the sky, with the clouds around you… I took some of my cameras at home, went there and asked for a room. The rest you can see it in this short video based on timelapses.”

This short timelapse film has been featured in different mass media. Some examples:


Music: ‘Back to the start’ by Johnny Ripper