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Telling Life is a CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY who uses the image: VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY, as a strategy to create your message. It is not just a video or a picture; we take care of the whole process, we create your message and develop a visual communication campaign that helps you to connect to your audience and/or clients. We work specially for corporate, non-profit and public sector, the arts, sports and cultural sector.

Behind Telling Life

Noelia Ramon is the founder of Telling Life. She’s a visual storyteller journalist with 15 years of experience in: TV News, Film, Photography, Communication and Journalism in Europe and Australia. She has worked for important media groups in Europe and for governments, organisations and businesses. She’s a dreamer, a passionate person, who loves what she does every single second of her life, because it is what makes her feel alive!



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Storytelling video / photography and Brand Journalism

What’s the story of your brand? Storytelling, or providing consistent and compelling content to build a picture of a company, is becoming more important. There are different rules now and we need to earn the attention of our audience. We use visual content to create an emotional connection with your clients; they won’t forget you! Don’t be afraid to tell your story, your passions, your failures and successes and tell them from a journalistic – creative perspective. Our background in journalism, documentary-style filmmaking and communication is the key to know how to tell your story.

project management

We guide you through the process of your communication campaign; we go to your place, chat with you, give you ideas, take a coffee or two, discuss the script… And more important, we work collaboratively with our clients.

Creative Direction

Maybe you don’t know how to communicate your message or you don’t know your message at all, but don’t worry, we are here to help you with fresh and new ideas; we have all the time in the world for you and your brand!

Cinema-style production

Our packages for businesses and organisations are designed to deliver a Cinema-style production, adapting our services to your budget: animation, storytelling videos, training and testimonials, timelapses, corporate…


Our services in storytelling video and photography are more than just services; we create a whole marketing campaign with soul and everything is made with passion. It is all about the STORY. We love what we do!

What we do
  • Visual Storytelling Campaigns
  • Videos for companies/businesses and organisations (corporate video)
  • Video proposals/tenders for all sectors: examples available upon request
  • Video Scribe and animation: examples available upon request
  • Timelapse Photography: events, construction, landscapes…
  • Video Magazines




Here's Few Happy


  • Adrians Accountants
  • Brisbane PowerHouse
  • Volunteering Queensland
  • Volunteering Queensland
  • Adrians Accountants
  • Brisbane PowerHouse
  • Complete Wealth
  • Volunteering Queensland
  • Peter Forday Consulting
  • Complete Wealth
  • Aon Hewitt Financial Advice
  • Evalesco Financial Services
  • Aon Hewitt Financial Advice
  • Complete Wealth
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